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CNC Tube and Bar Machining Center
4 Processes in 1 Machine / CNC 9 Servo Controlled Axes Rotory Machines

· Combination of 4 processes in 1 machine for Tubes and Solid Bars:
a. Cutting
b. Machining (Chamfering / Facing / Centering)
c. Washing
d. Length Measuring (AM System - Optional)

· Additional Machining Units may be added for:
a. Threading
b. Turning
c. Tapping
d. Drilling

· Equipped with MA6 (Sliding Loader)or MBA6 (Bundle Loader)
· 5 ~ 9 CNC servo controlled axis and equipped with IPC interface
· Capacity up to O.D.65mm and length range of 25 mm ~ 350 mm
· SOCO i2 Software (see description)
· Automatic first and crop cuts separation
· Separation of Working vs. Rejected Pieces when using AM System
· Simultaneous operation of all 4 stations

· Extreme processing speeds:
a. 4 seconds ( O.D.42mm × 4.0t × 83mm (L), Mild Steel )
b. 6 seconds ( O.D. 65mm × 3.0t × 100mm (L), Mild Steel )

· Rigid and reliable structure provides +/- 0.05 mm length toleranc
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